Frequently Asked Questions

A no fee apartment is a rental listing that you do not have to pay broker fee to rent. Usually, that means the listing does not have a broker or the fee is taken care of by the landlord.

You will be required to have an annual income three times the cost of rent, as well as having a credit check, and at least three references from previous renters.

After you find an apartment you like, you will have to apply for the unit. An application typically includes a credit check and providing pay stubs, tax returns, a letter from your employer, a letter from your previous landlord, and an application fee.

If you meet the income requirements for a unit, that is a good start! Aside from that, buildings may ask to see bank statements and tax returns as proof of income and ability to pay.

Depending on your landlord, you may be able to negotiate your lease, however they typically do not want to lower the rent. Instead, you can try negotiating concessions other than money, such as a new paint job or appliances.

Taking availability into consideration, looking for an apartment should start no earlier than 1-2 months before your move. You want to make sure you are giving yourself time to find for an apartment that will suit you.

The renters application process should not take any longer than 24-72 hours.

At lease signing you will typically be expected to pay first month's rent, last month's rent, and a security deposit. Usually a building will ask you provide these payments as certified checks.

A guarantor is someone who acts as your co-signer on a lease. They agree to be responsible for any payments you fail to make to your landlord.

A rent-stabilized apartment means that your landlord cannot offer high rent increases each year and the unit must remain affordable, as defined by the city government.

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