It is not that easy to find Suffolk County apartments for rent.

Suffolk County apartments for rent

Suffolk County apartments for rent

Some time ago I was searching for some Suffolk County apartments for rent, but I found it to be more difficult than I anticipated. First of all, there are not many apartments in Long Island available and second, the ones that are available are expensive.

I was searching for apartments with an apartment finder tool, so I decided to change my tactics to see if I had better luck.  I tried using Google to search for local real estate companies and that´s when I found some interesting units at

Greybarn is located on Route 110 Corridor, just minutes away from Amityville and Farmingdale and has an easy commute to Manhattan.It is surrounded by recreation, restaurants, entertainment and culture.

At Greybarn, you can get a one or two bedroom apartment. A one bedroom ranges from 815 to 1,115 Square feet, while two bedrooms range from 1,108 to 1,369 square feet. They feature white plank flooring, stainless steel kitchen appliances, integrated kitchens and modern space.

The bedroom in one bedroom apartment is approximately 11´-3″ x 15´-8″, and the living/dining room is 13´-3″ x 23´-3″.  The monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment ranges from $2275.00 per month to $2375.00 per month.

A two bedroom apartment has one bedroom that is 11´-6″ x 22´-2″, the second bedroom is 10´-2″ x 14´-1″, and the living/dining room is 13´-4″ x 19´-10″. The monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment ranges from $2775.00 per month to $2950.00 per month.

All apartments come with integrated kitchens, and the complexes featured amenities include a swimming pool, bocce court, fitness center, screening room, private dining room, lounge and more.

If you want to find a 2 bedroom apartment Amityville Long Island, Greybarn could be a good choice.


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