Luxury Apartments in NYC

There are certain aspects we should be aware of before moving to our new residence. Everyone knows making this decision is something we must think about very calmly, and analyze the pros and cons of the apartment we are moving to.

You should first ask yourself a few questions, and once you find those answers, only then will you know which place is for you.

But are are the questions we should ask ourselves before making this important decision?

First of all, think about the neighborhood, what area are you interested in living. Is this place safe? Can I go out at night? Are its surroundings, as well as, my neighbors quiet? Or, will I have to deal with parties every night?

You can also find out if the building is well kept by its manger. What about the gardens? The swimming pool (in case it has one), the painting of the walls…can I access him/her easily in case I´ve got a question?

Is my apartment located near any transportation terminals with easy access to the city?

You have many things to find out first, but your in luck, because this post will help you find a unit in a luxury building in Midtown New York that will surely meet your needs.

Mercedes House is a modern building located at 550 West 54th street. Designed by architect Enrique Nortenit, it offers its residents luxury apartments NYC.

In it you can find lots of amenities which embrace a lifestyle, so you can enjoy indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a state-of the art fitness center and health club, outdoor decks to tan and enjoy the sun , indoor basketball, boxing studio, spinning studio, ping pong, and an outdoor amphitheater. So if you love the good life, and sports you should consider moving to this place.

It also has a bike storage, outdoor areas, live-in super and a laundry facility in the building.

If you are looking for a studio apartment, Mercedes House has a luxury unit available featuring hardwood floors, modern appliances, microwave and a custom kitchen.

Luxury Apartments in NYC

It has a nice bright living room that is 15´-8´´x13´-2´´

You will also get a clear view of the Hudson River.

Its indoor design is very modern, and decorated with lively colors.

This apartment is located near main restaurants, shops and malls. Also, Clinton Park is definitely its main attraction.

You can rent unit 1102 for $3153 a month. Even if you think it´s not so affordable for being a studio, think about the size and all the amenities offered by this building, not to mention its great location.

Take a look:

Take your pet with you, and start enjoying the real spirit of Mercedes House!

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