Adding to the Architecture in New York.

apartments in Manhattan with barbecue
New York is a city where we can find absolutely everything, not only interesting places to visit, stores for shopping, and top restaurants to dine, but also an architectural style that leaves us speechless.

If you are planning to move to Manhattan you can consider 39TH Street residences at NYC, a great location to live surrounded by skyscrapers, luxury buildings and towers. Apartments in Manhattan with barbecue are also a good option if you need a long list of amenities in order to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

There are other luxury units to keep in mind, but the 225 East 39th Street apartments are so modern and well -designed you will surely choose them as your next home.


The intellectual and historic side of Manhattan

39TH Street residences at NYC

If you are interested in the intellectual and historic side of Manhattan there are many interesting places and museums to visit.  One important event that stands out is the replica of an Ancient Arch that is being constructed in City Hall Park.

Palmyra´s Arch of Triumph IN NYC

This is an 1800 year-old Roman arch that was blown up by ISIS last year and was made using 3D printing technology.

New York unveiled a recreation of Palmyra´s Arch of Triumph one year after the Islamic State militants destroyed it, and as an act of resistance to Isis´s attacks a team of archeologists set about recreating it. New York fights against terrorism and this is real proof of it.

225 east 39th street apartments

It is made of Egyptian marble, stands two thirds the scale of the original and photographs of the real arch were used to build it using 3D printing technology.

Historically, this arch served as the entrance to the 2000 Temple of Baal, later converted into a Christian Church and finally into a mosque.

Last April, it was put on display in Trafalgar Square, it will stay at City Hall Park for one week, and later it will move to its next destination which is Dubai.

So if you visit the heart of the financial district, you will appreciate this 11-ton arch placed in the park near World Trade Center.

Tourists will be able to walk under the structure, and touch it as this piece of art is not roped.

An icon of destruction and rebirth where the word PEACE stands out above all.







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